A bit about me . . .

The romantic in me likes to believe I was born with my head stuck in a book, then someone stuck a pen in my hand...and I haven't stopped writing since.

I believe in love, romance and magic, and what's more magical than falling in love? Writing romantic fiction is my thing. There's no better feeling than letting all that passion flow from my fingers via the keyboard and onto the page.  It's a tough job but I'm woman enough to handle it!

My home is in England where I'm happily married to my own real life hero. There's bits of him in all my fictional heroes - at least that's what I tell him. Got to keep him sweet, or he might stop bringing me cups of tea while I beaver away at the keyboard!

Travel is high on my list of favourite things to do ... I'll go anywhere, at any time! France and Italy are top of my list, where there's nothing better than finding a little pavement cafe and checking out all those gorgeous local men - all in the name of research, of course. The glorious South of France is one of my favourite places in the world and has provided the setting for some of my stories.  My love affair with the Cote d'Azur started in bella Nice and over the years has embraced the entire coastline, with Monte Carlo a special favourite. What a fabulous setting for romance, passion and a nice dash of glamour!

Following an arts-based degree I studied for a PGCE and MA in Adult Education, by which time I was hopelessly addicted to the process of learning and to the sheer joy of acquiring knowledge. I'm still a perennial learner, although now it's about improving my craft as a fiction writer.

My daily yoga practice keeps me grounded - I've been a practitioner and qualified teacher for longer than I'm prepared to admit. For me, yoga and my metaphysical interests provide a kind of bridge between the practicalities of life and the infinite possibilities of the imagination. And that's really the way I like to live ... with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds!