Yoga for Writers

Simple Stretches for the Desk-Bound


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When the words are flowing and the muse is on fire, the last thing we want to do is take a break. But just a few simple stretches can really keep things flowing. Trust me on this. I speak from experience. When we sit for hours staring at the screen, our muscles become locked and our eyes grow tired. Result? Our creativity and hence our productivity is threatened. If we don't take action, our over-strained bodies finally give out, resulting in bad backs, painful shoulders, eye strain, RSI .... the list goes on. 

Here are a few tips from Yoga for Writers to help keep the energy flowing - always work slowly and mindfully**

1. Invest in a digital timer and time it at say, 30 minute intervals. Get up and stretch the whole body, just move around, shake the arms, legs and take a few deep, deep breaths.

2. Every time you think of it, roll out the shoulders. Slowly rotate three times forward, three times backward. All the while...breathe!

3. Drink lots of water. Our eyes can dry out as we stare at the screen, so keep them, and the rest of the body, well lubricated. I've got a pretty 1 litre jug on my desk which is filled once in the morning, once in the afternoon.

4. Protect those precious eyes. Turn off the monitor regularly and blink! Blink some more! Apparently, we blink far less when working on a computer than we do for the rest of the time.

5. Imagine you have a huge clockface in front of you. Without moving your head, look up at twelve o'clock, then down at six, across to three and over to nine. Then starting at twelve, move around the imaginary clockface until you reach twelve again. Do once more anti-clockwise.

6. Palming. In my opinion the best thing you can do for your eyes. Turn off the monitor, rub your hands together until the palms feel warm. Close your eyes and cup the warm palms over closed eyelids, taking care not to press against the eyes (heel of the hands resting softly on the cheekbones, fingers touching the hairline. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Feel the warmth from the palms moving through the closed eyelids, helping to relax and energise the eyes.

7. Breathe. Sit with your back straight. Close your eyes. Inhale and slowly lift your arms over your head. Exhale let them float back down beside you. Do this a few times.

8. Sit with your back straight, feet flat on the floor, hands cupped in your lap. Take a breath in and on the exhale gently turn your head to look over one shoulder. Inhale back to centre and exhale to the other side. Keep the shoulders relaxed.

Take care and happy, healthy writing!

British Wheel of Yoga (Dip)


** If you have any concerns about your health or well-being, contact your doctor and/or qualified health professional. The above tips are intended for people in good, general health**